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Nelson's Adventure Part 2
Sunday, August 7, 2016 by George M. Shank

                                          Part 2 of Nelson’s Adventure

 Wide-eyed and inquisitive Hooter asked, “What brings you to these parts.”

    Never having lost his composure, after all Nelson was poodle, he replied, “I’m hunting buffalo.”

    “What have they ever done to you?” Hooter asked.

    “Well, nothing, nothing at all.”

    “Have they ever put you in a harness and pulled you with a leash?”

    “No, certainly not.”

    “Did a buffalo ever lock you in alone in the house?”


    Their conversation continued as Hooter told him how he had been mistreated by humans. 

    Nelson defended that he had shopped at Neiman Marcus, flown first class on an airplane.

    But Hooter would have none of it and said, “I bet they made you stay in a cage under the seat for the whole trip.”

    Weakened, Nelson had no more energy to defend his human family and he said, “I realized you’re right, and I was an abused poodle.”

    The wise old owl said, “Bill only wants to live his life by grasing on green grass and avoiding humans.”

    Nelson closed his eyes and placed his paws over his them. He no longer wanted to hunt Bill but to return home to his abusive family was out of the question. He could never do such a thing. “What should I do, he asked the wise old owl”

    Hooter thought for the longest time and said, “You have an obligation to make humans more like us. Show them how to be servants, make room in the bed for a friend, take long walks, get up early,” and much more.

    Hooter gently lifted Nelson from the foliage and set him on the ground where with a spring in his legs he set-off for home. 


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